Brooklyn church files suit amid claims that nearby restaurant is responsible for grease, foul odors

A church community in downtown Brooklyn says their space is being invaded by foul odors and food grease coming from their neighbors at Dallas BBQ. 
They say that grease from things like sticky wings, Hennessy wings, french fries and more are pouring into the Brooklyn Tabernacle on Livingston Street. 
"It's unsettling," said churchgoer Daniel Arbeeny. "In a place that's supposed to be a place of peace, a place to put aside the craziness of the world and [let children] just be children and enjoy themselves... it's not happening."
The Brooklyn Tabernacle has been a place of praise and worship for over two decades, and they never expected their home to be the place of danger. They said for years they've smelled raw chicken, old food and many smells they can barely describe. 
According to the lawsuit that the church is filing, the pipes are filled with grease, causing water blocks. It states that now their gym and community room are feeling that impact, and the worry comes because children utilize those spaces the most.
They said they've spent thousands on cleaning these rooms and paying for a pipe inspection but after filing the lawsuit with the restaurant and Thor LLC, they're hoping something gets done.
"As a person that's responsible for the operations here in the church and how things play out, we can't even focus on our mission. Our mission is to try to love the community," said pastor Brian Pettrey.
News 12 reached out to the building owner, Thor LLC and Dallas BBQ and is still waiting to hear back.