Brooklyn College helping aspiring students get master's degrees through accelerated program

The upcoming fall semester will be the first semester these programs will be offered.

News 12 Staff

Aug 9, 2023, 9:59 PM

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If you are looking to get a master's degree in business or accounting but think you are too busy, Brooklyn College's accelerated online graduate programs for business and accounting may be the solution for you.
Aaron McKnight and Jaime Jones have professional careers and are enrolled in the program for the fall semester. They received their bachelor degrees at Brooklyn College and are now going back to get their master's degrees. Thanks to the new program, they'll be sitting in front of a computer instead of inside a classroom.
"Just working 40 hours a week, full time, it is tiring," McKnight said.
"I go to school, I take care of my father, I'm, like, on auntie duties," Jones said.
"Many of our students work full time," said Myles Bassell, the program director for the school's master's in business administration. "This gives them the opportunity to earn a master's in one year."
He and John Paul, the school's accounting graduate program director, said there has been a demand for these programs. The upcoming fall semester will be the first semester these programs will be offered.
The courses take about eight weeks to complete instead of the usual 15 weeks in a semester. The college says students can complete the 10-course program in just one year if they take two courses each session.
"I believe it puts you in a better position for better opportunities," McKnight said. "So that was a really big, key decision in my decision going back to school."
 Though the programs may be entirely online, Bassell said that students still have access to all of the resources and facilities on campus.
"We have an internet cafe, we have a library, and many other resources," Bassell explained. "Other online programs, they just don't have that."
Those interested in the accelerated online business or accounting graduate programs can still inquire and sign up until Aug. 15.

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