Brooklyn community board calling on DOT to make changes at Williamsburg intersection

Williamsburg residents are calling on the city’s Department of Transportation to make streets safer. 
Community Board 1 is asking the DOT to make some changes at the intersection of Graham and Metropolitan Avenues. 
They are asking the DOT to integrate bike lanes and other measures to prevent future accidents. 
Throughout the past few years, there have been multiple injuries and two fatalities at the intersection. 
The most recent death happened back in December when a cyclist was struck by a bus. 
Members of Community Board 1’s Transportation Committee tell News 12 they have had enough. They say too many pedestrians and cyclists have died or been hurt at the intersection. 
The committee has formally requested that the DOT study the intersection. Members tell News 12 they’re hoping that the DOT finds an innovative way to protect pedestrians and cyclists soon. 
A DOT spokesperson tells News 12 they have received the community board’s letter and look forward to reviewing it.