Brooklyn couple launches clothing line in quarantine, donates profits to health care workers

A Brooklyn couple celebrated their anniversary by launching a clothing line that celebrates relationships in style.
Simone and Drayton Goss celebrated seven years of marriage on May 1 by launching Baefitz Collections.
Baefitz Collection is a line of T-shirts, hats and hoodies with phrases about couples as well as those celebrating the single life.
"We're stuck at home quarantined with the kids, so it's like, let's just take the opportunity to do something fun with the family,” says Goss.
Creating their business while quarantined isn't lost on the pair, as they say being stuck together can be challenging and they hope their clothing brings joy to people, like it's bringing them.
"It takes your mind off everything, everything that's going on,” says Goss.
Not only are they evoking smiles from their shirts, they're also donating food to front-line heroes.
They used part of their initial profits to help feed health care workers at Maimonides Hospital.
"They should be home with their families, but they aren't because they are helping everybody else stay alive and stay safe,” says Goss.
They say they plan to make another meal delivery to essential workers in the second week of June.