Brooklyn faith leaders gather in prayer in wake of anti-Semitic attacks

African American clergy and elected officials met with a Park Slope rabbi Friday in the wake of the recent rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes.
People of different faiths came together over a meal to discuss what they can do to stop anti-Semitic hate crimes.
Many at Antioch Baptist Church in Bed-Stuy say they are appalled by the recent string of attacks and decided it was time to come together and see what they can do.
The group kicked off with a discussion on how these faith leaders can appeal to the communities they serve, followed by a unity prayer.
They say while society would like to separate each group from each other, they're not that different after all.
After seeing the constant stream of incidents in the media, clergy members wanted to get together, hoping to set an example for younger generations that all groups can live in harmony.

"It doesn't matter what religion you are, but the young people need to see us come together. This has to be exposed. It has to be totally unity. Coming together,” says Gwendolyn dingle, co-faith leader.