Brooklyn family turns to community for help after basement flooded last Friday

The family says they lost a Pokémon card collection, appliances, furniture and family memorabilia that totaled nearly $50,000.

Shakti Denis and Adolfo Carrion

Oct 5, 2023, 10:55 PM

Updated 262 days ago


A Brooklyn family whose basement was destroyed in last Friday’s floods is now turning to the community for help. 
The Ing family says gallons of water poured into the basement of their three-family home in less than two hours, ruining nearly everything inside - from appliances and furniture to the house’s heating unit, and even a Pokémon card collection, which all came out to nearly $50,000 in belongings. But, they say losing their memories from their late grandfather was the biggest loss of all.  
“It was awful to see it all just floating around,” said Hui Ting Ng, who lives in the home with her cousins, brother, grandmother and other family members. “The first thing I thought about when the water got out was my grandpa … it was really hard, because we all cared about our grandpa a lot.” 
The family kept the belongings of their beloved grandfather in that basement. He lost his life due to Parkinson’s disease in 2022.  
As the Ing family is dealing with the damage, they’re reaching out to the community to lend a helping hand after they say calls to the city and the Federal Emergency Management Agency led nowhere.  

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