Brooklyn friends create 2nd real-life Mario Kart video

Mario and Luigi are back in Brooklyn for another round of real-life Mario Kart around the city.
A videographer and his friends created a viral video of themselves dressed up as Mario and Luigi racing through the boroughs.
The video game brothers now have some new competition in a new video.
"It was pretty hectic to be honest," says Caleb Simpson, the original creator of the video. "We shot like a couple of all nighters or five. We were shooting all night, there's a lot of different pieces, characters and people coming in."
Tom Jauncey, the director and producer of the new video, says he reached out to Simpson to make the video more cinematic.
Simpson and Jauncey are hoping that the videos put smiles on people faces and inspire others.
"I want people to realize that if you have an idea, you can create it," Simpson says. "You can put it out to the world."
Simpson says he plans on putting out a third video.