Brooklyn Greenway Initiative's 26-mile bike ride to go through end of September

Citi Bike has partnered with a local organization to bring awareness to its Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway project.
Terri Carta, with the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, says in the past, the ride was a one-day event. This year it will go through the end of September.
"This is a monthlong adventure for people to be able to use the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway and discover all of the amazing parks and open spaces, restaurants that are open for outdoor dining and other attractions along the Brooklyn Waterfront," said Carta.
The goal is to make people aware of all of the different things accessible along the planned 26-mile bike path that starts in Greenpoint and ends in East New York.
The ride is self-guided and can be done at your own pace. The initiative created a map and guide to help people navigate.