Brooklyn health care professionals host breastfeeding resource fair

Health care professionals from across Brooklyn hosted a breastfeeding awareness fair in celebration of World Breastfeeding Awareness Month.
NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County and the borough president hosted the event to promote breastfeeding and educate mothers on its benefits. Health care professionals explained to mothers how breastfeeding can keep their children healthy. They say kids who breastfeed have fewer lung infections, fewer gastrointestinal infections and less eczema.
The women also learned how breastfeeding can have benefits for them as well.
One mom explained how she was unsure about breastfeeding but says it ended up being an amazing experience. Others say it helped them connect with their babies and lose weight after giving birth.
The borough president says it's important to raise awareness and especially empower women to make sure they're making the best choice for themselves and their children.