Brooklyn Italian-Americans prep for Feast of Seven Fishes on Avenue U

Tonight, many families are celebrating Christmas Eve which means all kind of feasts will be served.

News 12 Staff

Dec 24, 2018, 5:35 PM

Updated 1,940 days ago


Brooklyn families of Italian heritage celebrated Christmas Eve with the traditional Feast of Seven Fishes. 
People lined up along Avenue U in Bensonhurst to purchase their seafood delights for their feasts.
The staff at Octopus Garden was busy Monday morning as people came in to get fresh fish, lobster, clams and octopus.
The seven fishes is a meal enjoyed by many Italian-American families on Christmas Eve. It involves eating at least seven dishes of various seafood.
The tradition dates to Italy where Roman Catholics could not eat meat before a feast day.
Many families say it's important to honor the tradition.
"For one night, it's a couple hours work, but I'm happy to do this for my family and friends," says Maria Schittone, of Bensonhurst.

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