Brooklyn man’s film highlights impact of coronavirus pandemic

A Brooklyn man who has worked in film for more than two decades is working on a project that highlights the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on people’s lives.
The film “Yearning to Exhale,” follows the story of a family of three. The film details a story of a father, who is a writer, and his daughter trying to get a book published but publishers won’t pick it up because the book is too political and focuses too much on the coronavirus.
That’s when they’re faced with a personal tragedy.
Writer, director and actor John Alan Andrews tells News 12 the project started out as a book that he later turned into a short film and is now working on making into a feature film.
“People are going to feel, it's a feeling kind of project. They're going to feel the depths of love and hurt and disappointment and being locked into a place where you can't get out to do what you want to do,” said Andrews.
Those involved with the project say they hope it will impact viewers through relatable characters.
The short film will be screened at Stuart Cinema and Cafe in Greenpoint on Nov. 21.
The director is now working on the feature film and hopes to release the full project in February of next year.