Brooklyn man says box truck slammed into his car, drove off during snowstorm

Many across the city had the inconvenience of digging out their cars after the nor’easte, but one Brooklyn man says he wishes that was the only issue. 
At the start of the storm, Aleks Hadden says a box truck lost control and slammed into his parked car along Albany Avenue Monday morning. 
He says the driver didn’t stop. Hadden owns a white SUV that he says now has scratches and dents on the rear driver’s side. 
He says he’s had the car for 10 weeks and now must deal with repair issues. 
Hadden says drivers aren’t cautious enough and tells News 12 that, “Since the pandemic started it's insane, people use this block as a racing strip.”
Hadden has reached out to Rep. Yvette Clark in hopes of getting safety measures put in place to prevent cars from speeding through. 
News 12 has reached out to Clark and has not heard back yet.