Brooklyn Mirage holds its first concert following nearby discovery of man's body

The Brooklyn Mirage held its first event Thursday two days after a man's body was found in the waters of Newtown Creek right near the venue.
This marked the second time in two months in which investigators made such a discovery.
Concertgoer John Castic was last seen at the venue last weekend enjoying a concert. He was reported missing and then found dead in the creek.
Castic's friends told News 12 that he said he was heading home early Saturday morning, but they never heard from him.
Karl Clemente was another man who was reported missing in June after leaving the Brooklyn Mirage. His body was found floating in the same creek a few days later.
Police were still looking to see if the two cases were connected as of Thursday.
Those who attended Thursday night's show at the venue said they were feeling uneasy about when it would come time to leave.
There is little-to-no cell phone service near the venue, which is why some people told News 12 they would not drink and would not leave the venue alone.
The medical examiner told News 12 they were still working to determine the cause of Castic's death.
The Brooklyn Mirage posted their condolences for both Castic and Clemente in a statement.