Brooklyn officials call on DOH to step up vaccine distribution in city

Some Brooklyn elected officials are calling on the state Department of Health to step up vaccine distribution in the city.
It is in an effort is to get on the fast track to herd immunity.
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Councilmember Robert Cornegy Jr. are asking the state Department of Health to adopt their plan to speed up the distribution of vaccines.
The men are asking health officials to expand the criteria of those eligible for vaccination right now.
They say as test positivity rates are climbing in some communities - and more than 300,000 doses of the vaccine have been delivered to the city - only about 88,000 New Yorkers have received their first dose of the shot.
Adams and Cornegy are asking the department to institute a three-level deployment plan to increase public trust in the vaccine and get rid of bureaucratic obstacles they say we are facing right now.
According to experts, a decline in cases will begin as more New Yorkers get vaccinated. So far only 1% of the population has gotten one of the two required shots.