Brooklyn organization giving ex-felons a second chance, new career

A Brooklyn organization is helping ex-felons by giving them a second chance and a new career.
Refoundry provides formerly incarcerated people with skills and opportunities to achieve financial independence and become leaders and job creators.
Eugene Manigo, 67, was released from prison in 2014 after spending 30 years behind bars. Now, he's doing well and owns his own business, Hammer Time Studios, making custom furniture from the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
"It changed my life and gave me more confidence," said Manigo. That's why JPMorgan Chase is also getting on board - giving the organization a $200,000 grant.
Manigo is not only a success story, but he is also leading the cause by training others who have also been incarcerated. " I can't afford to pay them, so what I do is I train them, and then if they need help I give them help out of my pocket," said Manigo.
Now as for what's next for Manigo, he says he plans to expand his business. He also says he hopes to continue to help others who also spent some time in prison.