Brooklyn parents fight for universal child care

Working parents in Brooklyn and their kids came together to fight for universal child care, opposing the mayor’s recent proposed budget cuts.  
Those proposed budget cuts could remove millions of dollars in funding for pre-K and 3-K programs. In the proposal, the cuts could total to $120 million annually on top of the already existing budget cuts.  
Parents tell News 12 that they’re paying far too much for child care costs every year, and are worried these budget cuts could be making them pay more.  
“My wife and I pay $40k plus in child care costs. That's money we could be saving for our kids college, retirement, et cetera,” said one concerned parent.  
New Yorkers United for Child Care spoke out saying it’s become too expensive to live in New York City while affording to take care of your family. The nonprofit has launched a petition online for universal free child care for children age 5 and under.  
News 12 reached out to the mayor’s office regarding this story and is awaiting a response.