Brooklyn pizzeria continues its expansion across the country

From Atlantic Avenue to across the heartland, Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza is being served nationally.
Right now, it's in the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic, while continuing to expand to new markets every day.
"Some places I thought we'd never reach, we're in and growing. Every day more, more," says owner Thomas Cucco.
Cucco got the idea for the store in 2011 when he realized there wasn't a place to get a coal oven pizza by the slice. He opened the shop in Brooklyn Heights in 2012.
"So, as a kid growing up in Brooklyn, my thing was 'How do I get a coal oven slice of pizza when you got to buy the whole pie?' I couldn't afford the whole pie. I was a kid,'" says Cucco.
The Bay Ridge native says being a contestant on "Shark Tank" in 2015 motivated him to sell frozen slices on a broader scale.
"I needed more people looking at this brand. So I was in my local coffee shop, and I sent an email to "Shark Tank." Figured let me take a shot. I watch the show all the time. I figured I would do great on it. And sure enough, six weeks later, I got called," Cucco recalls.
Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza also managed to get a spot on the shelves of the new Wegmans.
"We're in the one store in the Navy Yard, but we will be in all 100 Wegmans. The deal was to get it to the one store for them so they could open the place up and have our pizza on the shelf," Cucco explains.
Cucco says customers appreciate getting a New York slice of pizza, even if they live out of state. He says, "We get a lot of fan mail from all over the country saying our pizza is so great and how much they love it."