Brooklyn Public Library unveils new Center for Brooklyn History

The Brooklyn Public Library has a brand-new Center for Brooklyn History in a joint collaboration with The Brooklyn Historical Society.  
The Brooklyn Historical Society has been home to the largest collection of Brooklyn history in the world since the 1860s. It says this new center is part of an effort to create a more inclusive and open space for Brookyln residents.  
"It had the word society in it, which is not the most inclusive word that you can choose,” says Heather Malin, the director of the Center for Brooklyn History. “I think the new name and being a part of the Brooklyn Public Library makes us all about public access.” 
The research library and history center now gives Brooklyn natives a place to display their stories. It contains old yearbooks, jerseys, photographs taken in different eras and more.  
Interested in submitting your own piece of Brooklyn history? Click here to find out how.