Brooklyn resident says they’re still dealing with storm damage from Superstorm Sandy

One Brooklyn resident says her apartment is still damaged 11 years after Superstorm Sandy impacted her New York City Housing Authority apartment.  
Irma Pagan says she’s been dealing with leaks since the storm over a decade ago and has been fighting for repairs from NYCHA, all while dealing with battling Cancer.  
Pagan walked News 12 through her home, where she showed the 11 years worth of complaints that she has filed regarding the storm damage. She showed News 12 a wall that is still wet and leaks that are still active, bringing in mold and an unbearable stench.  
Back in 2019, NYCHA moved Pagan into temporary housing to make repairs on her home. Once she moved back, she says it was the same as when she left.  
"I put so many tickets, nobody came,” said Pagan. “I cannot live like this. I do feel neglected.” 
NYCHA arrived at Pagan’s home while News 12 was there, sending over a plaster supervisor who came to take photos and assess the damage to send someone over.  
The Housing Authority tells News 12 that they “previously worked to address” Pagan’s complaints and that the issues have returned. They say a plumber is scheduled to visit in the coming days before other repairs begin.