Brooklyn restaurant owners say cold temps slowing down business, outdoor dining

The recent cold temperatures are putting a damper on some businesses in Brooklyn, especially those already suffering from COVID-19 restrictions. 
Dilshad Del Rahmonov owns Gulchatay, which specializes in Uzbek food, and says that outdoor dining has been difficult for neighborhoods in Homecrest. He says winter outdoor dining is unfortunately not working in their favor. 
"It has been pretty chilly the last few weeks, but with the snow, you have to build a more solid roofing and take into consideration so many factors. That kind of adds up to the cost factor. That’s why as a small restaurant being inside of Brooklyn, we are probably not going to be someone’s first choice of outdoor dining,” Rahmonov tells News 12. 
He says other restaurants on the street are relying mostly on takeout and delivery, which is also hard in the cold or with slippery roads.