Brooklyn school looks to close gender gap in computer technology

One school in Brooklyn is looking to introduce more women to the field of computer technology, offering an all-girls class teaching middle schoolers coding and computer building.  
The program at Visitation Academy takes place after school, and Dr. Debbie Mohamed is the one who helped to bring it all together.  
“As girls and women, we can do this,” said Mohamed. “Engineering itself is considered a male-dominated field, and we are here to show that we can do this.” 
Mohamed says it's her mission to teach more girls to code. News 12 spoke to some of the middle schoolers taking part in the class, and they even showed off their skills.  
“It’s really fun, but it gets complicated,” said fifth grader Fancesca. “Don’t give up when you try because if you have one mistake, there’s always time in life to do everything else.” 
Mohamed hopes that by having more of these lessons that the field of engineering and computer science will have more representation for women.