Brooklyn tenants rally against evictions as building’s rent-control agreement set to expire

A West Brooklyn apartment building’s rent control agreement is expiring later this year, prompting residents to rally Tuesday out of concern that they will be pushed out.
Gilberto Gonzalez has spent decades living at 63 Tiffany Place, and currently pays just over $900 for his apartment with his family. Now, he and his neighbors could be paying much more when his building’s agreement expires in December.  
Residents took to the streets to demand their landlord renew the agreement that has been in place for the past 30 years.  
“This is a battle for the soul of New York City,” said New York City Comptroller Brad Lander. “Now is the time for folks to show which side they’re on.” 
The HRC says it has offered the owner a chance to extend the regulatory terms of the agreement, but hasn't heard back from them.