Brooklyn Thai restaurant donates meals to seniors amid coronavirus pandemic

The owners of Thai Farm Kitchen in Brooklyn's Kensington section are delivering free meals to seniors who are afraid to leave their homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to negatively impact people across the city, the owners of Thai Farm Kitchen say they want to change the narrative by helping their elderly neighbors, offering them free meals.
Volunteers pick up around 20 meals from the restaurant every day around noon before making the deliveries around the neighborhood.
The effort, they say, is their way of helping those in need at such a difficult time.
"It's important for people, especially who are stuck at home and don't have family or don't have means to order food in and have deliveries, to know that they're not alone, and this fosters the sense of community and obligation that we're all in here, in this situation trying to make the best of it,” says Louis Varela, volunteer.
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The owners say that the restaurant, like many other businesses in the city, has been feeling the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, but they're making it their goal to give back any way that they can, even offering to pick up medicine for the seniors who are in need.
"We lost many things with this situation and we know how it feels. That is why we want to help,” says Jess Calvo, owner of Thai Farm Kitchen.
Calvo says they're looking for volunteers to make deliveries to help them continue their effort of giving back to the community.