Brooklyn woman gives wrapping paper a new vision

A Brooklyn native has taken a holiday standard and turned it up a notch.
Recent college graduate Ashley Fouyolle is building up her brand called Unwrp, which is trying to change wrapping paper forever.
"I hit up all the people that I follow like all my favorite designers on Instagram and I was like hey, 'I would love to collaborate with you,'" says Fouyolle. "I partnered with different artists to literally put their artwork onto wrapping paper."
Her product also works as different items. Unwrp can also be used as things like a scarf or in a picture frame.
"When you think about wrapping paper, you think of wasted paper you end up cutting and tossing the majority of it," says Fouyolle.
Fouyolle also offered advice to young entrepreneurs, saying to not let ideas linger and to act on them.