Brooklyn-based DJ school for babies offers new way to learn about music

Babies are learning all about music at a DJ school based in Williamsburg that offers weekly classes.
Natalie Weiss, better known as DJ Natalie, founded Baby DJ School in 2013.
“[The babies] are learning a lot of socialization like they would in any baby music class because they are dealing with other kids around them but also they are getting the opportunity to hear things that are more advanced for their ears,” Weiss said. “Usually babies listen to one song at a time. We give them the opportunity to listen to two songs at a time and science has shown us that music with sophisticated melodic stretchers do things to help the brain decipher space so it helps with their spatial reasoning." 
Parents bring their children – from 2 months to 2 years old – to learn and have some fun, too.
From the records to the headphones to the singing and the dancing, both the babies and the parents are getting into it.
 "The kids love it and all the parents are having fun so it's a good time for everyone,” Weiss said.