Brower Park Library reopens in brand-new Brooklyn location

Brower Park Library in Brooklyn reopened Thursday at a brand-new location.
A few years ago, Brower Park Library on Saint Marks Avenue shut down due to millions of dollars' worth of repairs that needed to be done to the building.
The Brooklyn Children's Museum is a neighborhood favorite to many residents, and now it's also home to the new library. The museum and Brooklyn Public Library system worked together to build the new space. It's open to the public.
The new library offers books for people of all ages, including a room dedicated just to children. There's also a community room where people can independently work or hold meetings. Library staff say it will serve as a huge asset for families who can now visit the museum and take out books while they're there.
Since Brower Park is close, they hope it will serve as a central hub for activity and learning.
The library will be open Monday through Saturday.