Bushwick coffee shop moves toward zero waste by charging for disposable cups

A Buschwick coffee shop is moving towards zero waste by charging for disposable cups.
However, some customers say they aren't happy about Little Skip's change. The store has already done away with plastic straws and sleeves.
Starting in January, customers who request a disposable cup will have to pay an additional 50 cents. The owner, Linda Thach, started trying to live a zero-waste life at home and thought it wasn't right to not apply that to her business.
The coffee shop started to phase out stir sticks, sugar packets, sleeves and napkins by request. The business doesn't keep the added fee—it all gets donated to Grow NYC.
Thach says she hopes by adding the surcharge it will make customers think twice about getting a to-go cup. "I want people to be more mindful of what they spend their money on and you know how much they consume," said Thach.
One customer says the burden shouldn't be on the consumer. Thatch says she understands that not everyone will like the change and that she may even lose business. However, to her, the mission means more than dollars.