Bushwick film festival gears up for its 16th run

The Bushwick Film Festival is back next week for its 16th run, with the very fitting “Sweet Sixteen” theme.  
Kweighbaye Kotee, founder of the festival, thought she would spend her life playing basketball. While her 18-year-old self was heartbroken when she had to find another option, it led to a new love. 
“When I found arts and culture and filmmaking specifically, I kind of opened up again,” said Kotee. “That’s kind of what coming of age is…. Something happens to you, and you change. And mostly for a better version of yourself.” 
For this year’s theme, the Bushwick Film Festival is showcasing work about the stories that change us.  
“Playing Sam” is one of the movies playing at the festival and it follows a woman rediscovering her essence as a Latina actress after suffering heartbreak. The movie’s writer and director, Ramon Pesante, says he got inspiration from the challenges his mother faced.  
“Unknown Artist”, directed by Cinder Chou, will also be featured. Chou describes the film as a queer-action rom-com. “It’s an art heist, meets love story meets boxing match,” said Chou.  
The film festival will display around 125 films from around 50 different countries and will take place from Oct. 25 to 29 at the Williamsburg Cinema.