Bushwick tenants file suit against property group claiming dangerous conditions

Bushwick tenants are fighting against their landlord and filed a lawsuit Wednesday, saying a blind eye was turned to dangerous living conditions.
Mold, broken fire escape windows and a foul smell are just some of the problems tenants say they face living at 149 Irving Ave. The property is owned and managed by Ink Property Group, who now will head to court against their tenants.
The tenants say they are asking the court to appoint an administrator because the conditions are so egregious that it has become dangerous to their health and safety. They say the administrator would oversee the daily needs required to stabilize their complex.
The six-unit apartment building already has three vacant apartments, which the remaining tenants say is part of the problem. Benny Santiago moved into the building in 1975, and says he has seen many frustrated neighbors move out.
News 12 reached out to Ink Property Group about the conditions, but they did not immediately respond.