Businesses say Black Lives Matter street mural is financially hurting them

The first Black Lives Matter street mural in New York City was painted two weeks ago -- that street has been shut down since then and some businesses say it’s hurting them. 
Judy Teko is the owner of J and K Beauty Supply. The street on its own has been turned into a plaza for the summer, with traffic being diverted -- she says so is business. 
"That's the reason why we open late because nobody really can come inside to patronize us because they have to drive and go around. They prefer to go down the block then to come here,” said Teko. 
The Bed-Stuy BID tells News 12 businesses are reporting losses anywhere from 25 to 50% since the street was closed. 
Councilman Robert Cornegy, who pushed for the mural and plaza, believes the issues are greater. 
"I believe that they've suffered this entire pandemic in being closed. I believe what they want is not to open in the same way that they closed, but to open with an increase,” said Cornegy. 
He says he is working with community organizations to market the plaza to attract more foot traffic.