BX borough pres. meets with shooting victim's family

The relatives of a man who was killed by an off-duty police officer met with the Bronx borough president Wednesday as their calls for justice grew louder.
Wendy Castillo said her family is still in shock over the loss of her uncle, 41-year-old Fermin Arzu. Off-duty Officer Raphael Lora fatally shot Arzu after the unarmed man hit a parked car May 18.
"I haven't heard nothing from the authorities, nothing from the commissioner, I haven't heard nothing from no one," Castillo said about her family's push to have Lora prosecuted.Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión Jr. talked with Arzu's relatives in a show of support. While he stopped short of agreeing with them about arresting Lora, he did highlight the need for clarification on police protocol.
"At what point does the police officer pull the trigger? Was it appropriate to pull a gun in a case like this?" Carrión asked.
News 12 The Bronx is awaiting comment from the mayor's office about the shooting.
Lora has been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation.
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