BX drivers skeptical about gas boycott e-mail

Some Bronx drivers are uneasy about joining in a nationwide call to not pump gas Tuesday.
An e-mail was circulated recently with a message that said drivers should not pump gas to boycott high prices. The e-mail claimed more than 73 million Americans are on the Internet. It went on to say those people spend between $30 and $50 to fill up their tanks. So, if everyone took part in the boycott, the e-mail estimated oil companies would lose almost $3 billion.
Bronx drivers, however, say a boycott does not solve the problem. In addition, many experts agree the e-mail is a hoax. They say a similar tactic was tried in 1997, but it failed. Oil analyst Tom Kloza says drivers would have to pump one gallon of gas less during a monthlong period to have an effect.
AAA says to really make a difference drivers, should buy more fuel-efficient cars.
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