'Can You Dig It?'- Audible series takes deep dive into the birth of hip-hop

A new Audible series narrated by Public Enemy’s Chuck D is taking listeners back to 1971 – when hip-hop was born. 
The five-episode series was created by PB&J Productions - starting with the South Bronx's Ghetto Brothers and their evolution into peacemakers and enablers of hip-hop.
"For me, it was like a love letter to the Bronx," said co-creator and director Bryan Master as he reflects on the release of the series later this month. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.
"We actually take this story back to the Cross Bronx Expressway. We go back to Robert Moses and urban development. If he didn't carve through the Bronx, with a six-lane concrete highway, I don't think there would be hip-hop," said co-creator and director Pete Chelala.
The series is also personal for writer and co-producer Julian Voloj, who says this story hits close to home.
"People are dying so it's important to tell their stories now," said Voloj.
The series will be available on Audible on Aug. 10.