Canarsie Improvement Association calls on Parks Dept. to begin ‘comfort station’ construction

The Canarsie Improvement Association is calling on the Parks Department to begin construction on a comfort station at Canarsie Park.
As of now, there's only one bathroom in the large park, causing frustration for many park-goers.
Construction on the “comfort station” at Canarsie Park was set to begin in April, but now that it's November, the Canarsie Improvement Association wants to know why construction hasn't started.

The head of the association, Marc Want, says the Parks Department should provide portable bathrooms so that park-goers don't have to walk miles to the only bathroom in the park.

"There are literally hundreds of people that come into the park for parties, and there are no accommodations made for them, so if there are permits issued for the use of the park, for parties, then accommodation should be provided," says Marc Want, president of the Canarsie Improvement Association.

Want says that because one side of the large park doesn't have a bathroom, some people end up using the bushes as a bathroom and whenever there's an event at the park, it causes the one bathroom to become crowded.

"If you come here in the summer, you can actually see lines of people waiting outside, and if you have parties with drinks and food and so on, basically that bathroom is not usable because you're not going to stand for an hour waiting to use the bathroom," says Want.

Councilman Alan Maisel says he's disappointed with the continuous delays with the new bathrooms at the park.

The $3.6 million comfort station was set to be completed next fall.

A representative for the Parks Department saying, "Unfortunately, the contractor on this project, New York Construction and Renovation, Inc., has failed to start work on the Canarsie Park comfort station construction project. We've communicated with them that they are at risk of defaulting."

The representative added that, right now they don't have an updated timeline for the project.