Career coach shares tips on applying for jobs during the pandemic

The Department of Labor has released new information showing that the unemployment rate in the United States has hit its highest percentage since the Great Depression.
With many looking for jobs, News 12 spoke to a career coach for tips on getting hired during a pandemic.
Anna Kreiger, a senior career coach at General Assembly, a New York-based global organization that offers career coaching, says the unemployment numbers are concerning, but the report also showed that there are still jobs, especially in the health care and tech industries.
Kreiger says her number one piece of advice is self-care. She says to take a step back and look at the direction your career is going. Apply to the jobs where you see yourself going. She says it is important to keep sending resumes and putting yourself out there.
She also says quarantine is a good time to build up skills. She suggests taking training courses and workshops.
Although it could be hard with social distancing, Kreiger also says it is important to network. She says setting up phone or video chats to connect with people in the industry could be beneficial.
"I know that this is real, and this can feel scary but not all hope is lost. You're going to be OK and maybe this is an opportunity for you to think about building important skills in your career in a whole new way and this could be your time and really skill up and stand out from other people," says Kreiger.