Caught on video: Man desecrates altar during Mass in Greenpoint

A Sunday Mass in Greenpoint was interrupted by an act of vandalism, and the incident caught on camera.
It happened at St. Anthony of Padua – St. Alphonsus Parish when a man walked into the church, made the sign of a cross, and made his way down a side aisle towards the altar.
That is where he is seen on surveillance video approaching the altar where the associate pastor was offering eucharist. The suspect opened a bottle of red liquid that appeared to be juice and splashed it all over the altar.
The liquid also spilled on the associate pastor. He tells News 12 he thought the man was approaching him to ask a question or request a special prayer. He says the parishioners and ushers grabbed the man and waited for police to arrive.
After a brief pause, the pastor says the Mass continued as usual.
The associate pastor says they asked for the NYPD to come and keep an extra eye out during next Sunday's Mass to make sure everyone feels comfortable and safe.