CDC: COVID-19 hospitalizations, deaths among seniors 3 times higher than other groups

COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths among seniors are three times higher than any other age group, according to new data from the CDC.
In New York, more people over the age of 70 are hospitalized with the virus compared to the spring and summer peaks of 2021.
Infectious disease experts tell News 12 that's because of the low booster rates.
"These sub variants are so much more contagious. And although they're not nearly as variant as the Omicron and Delta waves - meaning they don't cause as much death, in each viral infection there are so many of them and so many vulnerable people that have not been boosted that that's what we are seeing," says Bruce Farber, Northwell Infectious Disease Chief.        
Doctors say it's not too late to get a COVID-19 booster before the holidays since it takes 10 days for shots to become effective.