CDC finds 2 pediatric monkeypox cases; doctor says they are ‘not common’

Concern over the spread of the monkeypox is rising after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the first two cases in children in the United States.
The CDC says the patients are a toddler in California and an infant in Washington, D.C. The children are in good health.
The agency is investigating how they were infected, but it is believed it was through household transmission.
The CDC previously stated that children under 8 years old are among those especially at risk for the disease.
Dr. Margaret Hammerschlag, a professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at SUNY Downstate, told News 12 that these cases are uncommon.
“You got these two cases that have just been reported, and they are still investigating the possible motive of acquisition. They feel it may be from towels, or hugging, kissing but, I have trouble with some of that,” he says. “In the U.K., they had 22,000 cases i