CDC: Labcorp begins testing for monkeypox, doubling U.S. testing capacity

The Centers for Disease Control announced Wednesday that Labcorp has begun testing for monkeypox using the CDC's orthopoxvirus test.
The CDC says that the test, which can detect all non-smallpox-related orthopoxviruses, including monkeypox, will double the nationwide testing capacity of the virus.
The public will not be able to go to a Labcorp lab and submit a specimen, but any health care provider across the U.S. can order the test from Labcorp as they would order any other test.
Labcorp says it will be able to accept specimens from anywhere in the country and expects to have the capacity to perform up to 10,000 tests per week.
The CDC says anyone with a rash that that looks like monkeypox should talk to their health care provider about whether or not they need to get tested - even if they think they weren't exposed.