Ceiling collapse inside Grand Concourse apartment leaves family with safety concerns

A ceiling collapse inside a Grand Concourse apartment has left a family worried for their safety.
It's what Shirley and Bryle say was an unexpected nightmare just before the new year. The ceiling collapse in one of their bedrooms left damaged property and debris in its wrath, in a place they've called home for over 20 years.
"We've been going through this water thing for years. It makes no sense," said resident Bryle Brke.
They say this collapse could have been prevented if repairs had been done properly. Bryle says numerous attempts at repairs have been made, but cardboard patches are what have been left behind.
"Landlord want their money on time and this and that, but this is ridiculous. I mean I want to know if she's going to be compensated for everything that she lost," said Brke.
The six-story apartment building has been slammed with multiple violations by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.