Changes come for Airbnb hosts, guests in effort to crack down on short-term rentals

Changes are coming for both Airbnb hosts and guests across New York City with new legislation going into effect Tuesday as the city looks to crack down on short-term rentals.
Under this new law, hosts who use platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo will be required to register with the city in order to rent out their spaces for less than 30 days. The law includes new restrictions, like the number of people who will be allowed to stay, and they can't have the place to themselves entirely.
Hosts must be physically present during the rental, and all doors inside the property must be unlocked so guests can have access to the entire unit. The law aims to regulate illegal short-term rentals as the city fights a housing crisis.
"We were concerned about individuals turning rent stabilized apartments into, basically into hotels, which would have a very negative affect on our affordable housing crisis," said Council Member Oswald Feliz.
Local Law 18, also known as the Short-Term Rental Registration Law, was passed by the city in January of 2022. The implementation of the law was put on hold after Airbnb filed a lawsuit claiming that the new restrictions make it difficult for hosts to do business. That case was dismissed in August.
Local hosts who live in the Bronx say this is going to have an adverse impact on single-family homes.
"We are on board with Local Law 18, but as it's written and implemented, it lumps in small one- and two-family homes, who are using their homes to make ends meet," said Linda Ortiz, who has been an Airbnb host since 2016.
Ortiz and other hosts said they would like the legislation to be re-written to separate single-family homes from large developers and landlords. They are reaching out to their local councilmembers in an effort to do so.
Enforcement of the law begins Sept. 5.