Children, parents celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day at Brooklyn Children's Museum

New York City Schools were closed on Monday, but kids were still learning.
Parents and children from around the borough celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day at the Brooklyn Children's Museum.
The museum illustrated the art, language and culture of indigenous people. Designed workshops helped educate people on various herbs and medicines that indigenous people grew and the time of year they are grown in. Younger children had the opportunity to learn about art made by indigenous artists using wire.
These stories were brought to life by storyteller Perry Ground. Ground tells News 12 it's important for children to learn about the heritage that makes up America.
"As we celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, it's important to learn about different indigenous people that lived all across North and South America. And today when we teach about who we are, it's important for people of today young and old to learn that we still exist. That we are part of the 21st century but that we have traditions and values that come from a historic time that are still very important to us," said Ground.
The Brooklyn Children's Museum tells News 12 this is the first time it celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day and that it was excited by the response.