Choose from 30+ languages to master with $200 off this lifetime learning tool

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The realities of social-distancing measures present a challenge, but there is also a tremendous opening for self-improvement. A drastically discounted subscription to FunEasyLearn supplies a perfect opportunity to flourish while away from the fray, and it comes with one of the biggest deals of the season!
Looking to emerge from this pandemic as an increasingly well-rounded individual? Enjoy unlimited ability to choose from 34 different languages, and master one through high-quality online education. Lifetime access enables long-term progress using this powerful tool, and with an 84% price reduction, you'll save more than $200 on your subscription (dropped from $249 to only $39).
FunEasyLearn has set a new standard with such a wide language variety and in-depth courses, featuring 11,000 words and phrases that will have you speaking a new language quickly and confidently. Choose from 320 useful topics, including greetings, food, leisure, travel, business, and much more, so you'll be well-prepared for that long-awaited trip abroad.
Master 10 difficulty levels along the way, working your way from from a complete beginner to a language pro. An interactive approach to lessons allows you to play 30 vocabulary games that improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in a new language.
Bilingualism provides considerable benefits. Whether you want to learn for fun, friends, family, or that canceled 2020 trip, FunEasyLearn has you covered with an array of options, including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Korean.
You'll be ready for future interactions thanks to high-quality audio files recorded by native-speaking voice actors, along with pronunciation improvement provided by advanced speech-recognition technology.
Expand your horizons, or give the gift of language, with 84% off a lifetime subscription to FunEasyLearn.