Citi Field vaccination hub opens for Queens residents, taxi drivers and food workers

The mass vaccination site at Citi Field officially opened on Wednesday.
Mayor Bill de Blasio says 50% of vaccines will be given to Queens residents, and the other 50% to taxi drivers and food service workers from across the city.
Only 250 vaccines were available at the facility today, but the mayor is promising 4,000 doses for next week.
Mayor Bill de Blasio says he hopes by targeting those workers, it will help address the disparities that we’ve seen within immigrant communities and people of color.
De Blasio toured the vaccination site at Citi Field as people lined up early to get vaccinated.
New Yorkers with appointments showed up at Citi Field for their vaccines, but others without appointments were frustrated when they couldn’t sign up for one on the spot. Those residents were turned away.
The city says it has measures in place to ensure the people showing up fall into the specified group.
Residents who are eligible need an appointment to get the vaccine at the location.
Some taxi drivers tell News 12 that they have had a difficult time securing an appointment, but they say they will be vaccinated as quickly as they can.
“Of course we’re gonna go there because we drive a taxi so we’re dealing with the different kind of people, so of course we go,” one resident says.
Citi Field is the second mass vaccination site at a baseball stadium after Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.
The state is running the facility in the Bronx, and the city is running the Citi Field site.
The goal is to have both locations running 24/7 with Citi Field giving vaccines to 5,000 people every day.
The mayor says it will likely be a while before that goal is reached.