Anthony Alexis - Unite to Uplift

City Council Candidate Anthony Alexis

News 12 Staff

May 3, 2019, 6:59 PM

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Anthony Alexis
Unite to Uplift
Current Occupation:
Supervised Senior Centers
1. What would be your top priority as a City Councilmember?
My top priority will be housing. The rent problem in Brooklyn is out of control. We need to provide tax credit and cash assistance to renters. We need to eliminate the tax lien sale and provide more incentive for long time Brooklyn and City resident to purchase homes.
2. What do you love about living in Brooklyn?
The diversity in Brooklyn is what I love most about living in Brooklyn but our borough is still divided and we needs more inclusion to bridge the divide. In addition, what I love about Brooklyn is in danger due to high rents, lack of jobs for our young people and expensive housing prices.
3. What was your biggest challenge in school?
The biggest challenge in school was having to work and take care of myself while attending school.
4. How do we improve the public transit system?
Our transit system needs improvement. I like the idea of the City having control of local transportation. The MTA is a big institution and most of us are unaware of how the money is being spent. We know there is a lot of wasteful spending.
5. What needs to be done to improve conditions at NYCHA complexes?
The Federal Government does not care about the condition in NYCHA, and the City is not doing enough to help fix the problems. The City needs to admit how bad the problem is, and begin to fund critical repairs. The City should put out a request for proposal so the public can know how much contractors are charging to City to make necessary repairs in NYCHA. This will prevent overcharging and wasteful spending.
6. Do you cook? What's your signature dish?
I cook and my signature dish Pelau but I can also make a nice curry chicken as well.
7. If you could have dinner with any celebrity dead or alive, who would it be & why?
I would have loved to have dinner with Machel Montano and Bob Marley. My slogan is uniting and uplifting our community and they both represent that message.
8. What your favorite Brooklyn pizza shop? Favorite toppings?
My favorite pizza shop use to be Frank Pizza shop at the entrance to Brooklyn College. He is closed now, so my wife and I love My Little Pizzeria on Court Street. I am trying to do the healthy thing so I sometimes have veggie topping.
9. What inspired you to get involved in politics?
My involvement in politics began at Brooklyn College where I was active in student government. My last semester I participated in an internship in Albany and received a full time position in politics upon my graduation.
10. What’s your favorite movie? TV show? App?
One of my favorite movies is City Hall with John Cusack. The movie exposes how government officials get into office and instead of working for the people they work for themselves and the people are not served. The movie also reminds me of what should not happen in government.
11. How do you like to spend a day off?
While I prefer to relax on my day off there is always something to do around the house.
12. Any hidden talents?
Not that I know about.

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