City Council hearing focuses on COVID impact on student learning

The City Council focused on the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on student’s learning during its meeting on Wednesday.
Education Chair Mark Treyger hosted the meeting, where officials from the Department of Education made presentations and advocacy organizations, students and parents shared their experiences.
According to the Northwest Evaluation Association, there has been a “COVID-19 Slide” – showing a pattern of academic setbacks for students.
According to the City Council, 2,600 students have not connected to remote learning or in-person classrooms. The DOE did not provide a demographic breakdown of the chronically absent student population.
The City Council also stated that New York City knowingly began the school year without internet-enabled technology devices for all students. With Chair Treyger's continued advocacy, it says over 450,000 iPads have been delivered to students.
The DOE has ordered another 50,000 iPads for the remainder of the school year.
DOE officials stated that is possible some classes have over 50 students for blended students on remote days.