City Council introduces bills to further mitigate fire, injuries related to lithium-ion batteries

The New York City Council is set to discuss a series of bills on Monday in the council chambers to mitigate the dangers posed by lithium-ion batteries.
Several of the bills introduced were drafted by several council members from different boroughs. One bill proposes a log of the disposal of lithium-ion batteries used in mobility devices. Another bill would allow for a certification system for mechanics who work with mobile devices that use lithium-ion batteries.
The City Council reported 216 fires with 14 deaths across the city because of lithium-ion batteries so far in 2023. The latest lithium-ion battery-related fire happened Sunday at a storage facility in Sunset Park.
Investigators said 300 e-bikes were found along with lithium-ion batteries stacked inside.
The space in front of the scene is still tapped off with some of the debris still remaining. A fire truck was seen at the scene. The fire is still under investigation, fire investigators say.
There is no guarantee of a vote on the bills or if all will be discussed on Monday.