City Council passes bill requiring release of reports on public bathrooms with unacceptable rating

New York City Council members unanimously approved a bill on Thursday requiring the release of reports on every public bathroom with an unacceptable rating.
Council Member Rita Joseph first introduced a bill that will get more public bathrooms built throughout the city, but added on another bathroom bill that will require the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation to inspect and issue reports on every public bathroom in the city that had been previously given an unacceptable rating.
“And it costs nothing, like we said,” Joseph said. “People ask, 'What about a cost?' No, it's just adding a little bit of extra love and touch to the restroom you and I can go to, and we feel fine, we feel safe and clean, of course its equity, health, hygiene for all.”
Joseph added she's got more bills related to bathrooms across the city planned for the future.