City Council holds public hearing on NYC's migrant response

Title 42, the policy that allowed the U.S. to quickly remove or turn away migrants due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is set to expire Wednesday.
With that policy expiring this week, Mayor Eric Adams warns that New York City could see more than 1,000 migrants arriving to the Big Apple every week.
The City Council held a hearing Monday to look at how the city has responded to the thousands of migrants that have already arrived in the five boroughs since the early summer.
Title 42 is a Trump-era policy that President Joe Biden continued when he took office.
It was initially created to control the spread of COVID-19, but in April the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it was no longer needed.
However, 19 Republican states don't agree with the decision and went to court to try to keep the restrictions in place. The case was rejected on Friday by three appeals court judges.
Cities like New York City are bracing for a rush of migrants that they say they’re unprepared to handle.
Adams says that the city needs help from the federal government but that requests for funding have been mostly ignored.
There will be another hearing Tuesday at 10 a.m.