City councilman seeks mental health help for students during pandemic

Local leaders are calling on the city's Department of Education to do more for their students by providing social-emotional learning and having more support staff available.
The city's Committee on Education is holding a virtual hearing Friday to hear how the DOE is supporting students.
City Councilman Mark Treyger, the committee's chair, says many students are struggling.
"We have students still without internet, without adequate technology. There are children who are just hungry or are dealing with loss and trauma, and some students can't even talk that much because they have to go work now to help pay rent," said Treyger.
Ade Oni says remote learning has been a difficult adjustment for her.
The 17-year-old says it would be helpful to have professionals checking in, which is something Treyger is pushing for.
"I definitely think it would make me feel better having that support system," said Oni.
Treyger says he has a lot of questions for DOE officials and that he is hoping testimony Friday from parents and advocates will go a long way in getting students what they need.